Development guide

Install the requirements

Install the following:

  1. Python

  2. PIP

  3. VirtualEnv

  4. pipenv

Install development requirements

Install the development requirements:

$ pipenv install --dev


The commands below assume you are in the virtualenv. You activate the virtualenv with:

$ pipenv shell

You can also run all the commands with:

$ pipenv run <command>

Build the docs

Enable the virtualenv, and run:

$ ievv docs --build --open

Create a development database

Enable the virtualenv, and run:

$ ievv recreate_devdb

Running tests

To run the tests, we need to use a different settings file. We tell ievvtasks to do this using the DJANGOENV environent variable:

$ DJANGOENV=test python test

Adding more dependencies

Just add dependencies as normal with pipenv, BUT make sure you run:

$ pipenv lock -r > requirements.txt

when you merge into master before you push IF you add any non-dev dependencies. This is because readthedocs requires requirements.txt to build.