ievv devrun — All your development servers in one command

The ievv devrun command makes it easy to run (start/stop) all your development servers with a single command. It uses multithreading, background processes to run all your servers in a single blocking process that stops all the processes when CTRL-C is hit.

Getting started

First of all, make sure you have the following in your INSTALLED_APPS setting:


Next, you need to configure what to run when you run ievv devrun. You do this with the IEVVTASKS_DEVRUN_RUNNABLES-setting.

For the first example, we will use ievv devrun to just run the Django development server, just like python runserver. Add the following you your Django settings:

    'default': ievvdevrun.config.RunnableThreadList(

With this configured, you can run:

$ ievv devrun

to start the Django development. Hit CTRL-C to stop the server.

Using Django dbdev

For this example, we will setup Django runserver and Django dbdev database server:

    'default': ievvdevrun.config.RunnableThreadList(

With this configured, you can run:

$ ievv devrun

to start both the Django development server and your django_dbdev database. Hit CTRL-C to stop both the servers.

Multiple run configurations

You may already have guessed that you can add multiple configurations since we only add a default-key to IEVVTASKS_DEVRUN_RUNNABLES. To add multiple configurations, just add another key to the dict. For this example, we will add an design key that also runs ievv buildstatic --watch:

    'default': ievvdevrun.config.RunnableThreadList(
        # ... same as above ...
    'design': ievvdevrun.config.RunnableThreadList(

To run the design-set of runnables, use:

$ ievv devrun -n design

Adding ievv devrun as PyCharm run config

If you use PyCharm, you can do the following to add ievv devrun as a run target:

  • Select Run -> Edit configurations ....

  • Select + -> Python.
    • Give it a name (E.g.: ievv devrun default).

    • Check Single instance.

    • Check Share if you want to share it with your co-workers.

    • Select your as the script.

    • Set ievvtasks_devrun -n default as Script parameters.

If you want to create a target for the design config shown above, you just create another PyCharm run target with ievvtasks_devrun -n design.

Custom runnables

We bundle a fairly limited set of runnables, but adding one is really easy. Check out the docs for:

  • ievv_opensource.utils.ievvdevrun.runnables.base.ShellCommandRunnableThread

  • ievv_opensource.utils.ievvdevrun.runnables.base.AbstractRunnableThread

Bundled runnables



Abstract class for a thread that runs something for the ievvdevrun framework.

base.ShellCommandRunnableThread([name, …])

Makes it very easy to implement AbstractRunnableThread for system/shell commands.

django_runserver.RunnableThread([host, …])

Django runserver runnable thread.

dbdev_runserver.RunnableThread([name, …])

Django-DBdev run database runnable thread.

redis_server.RunnableThread([port, config_path])

redis-server runnable thread.


Low level API