Source code for ievv_opensource.ievv_i18n_url.base_url

from django.utils.functional import cached_property
import urllib.parse
from ievv_opensource.ievv_i18n_url.i18n_url_settings import get_fallback_base_url_setting

[docs]class BaseUrl: """ Defines ievv_i18n_url base url. The base URL is the URL to the root of the domain e.g:,, etc. (NOT,, etc.). The constructor can take any valid absolute URL, or None (in which case it falls back on the IEVV_I18N_URL_FALLBACK_BASE_URL setting), but all the methods and properties work on a ``urllib.parse.ParseResult`` that does not have any of the URL parts after """ def __init__(self, url_or_urllib_parseresult): self.url_or_urllib_parseresult = url_or_urllib_parseresult or get_fallback_base_url_setting() @cached_property def parsed_url(self): """Get the parsed URL. The returned URL only has scheme+domain+port (e.g.: scheme+netloc). Returns: urllib.parse.ParseResult: A parsed URL on the same format as urllib.parse.urlparse returns. """ if isinstance(self.url_or_urllib_parseresult, urllib.parse.ParseResult): parsed_url = self.url_or_urllib_parseresult else: parsed_url = urllib.parse.urlparse(self.url_or_urllib_parseresult) return urllib.parse.ParseResult( scheme=parsed_url.scheme, netloc=parsed_url.netloc, path='', params='', query='', fragment='') @property def scheme(self): """Shortcut for parsed_url.scheme. See :obj:`~.BaseUrl.parsed_url`. Returns: str: The url scheme (e.g.: https, http, ...) """ return self.parsed_url.scheme @property def netloc(self): """Shortcut for parsed_url.netloc. See :obj:`~.BaseUrl.parsed_url`. Returns: str: The url netloc (e.g.: """ return self.parsed_url.netloc @property def hostname(self): """Shortcut for parsed_url.hostname. See :obj:`~.BaseUrl.parsed_url`. Returns: str: The url hostname (e.g.: """ return self.parsed_url.hostname @property def port(self): """Shortcut for parsed_url.port. See :obj:`~.BaseUrl.parsed_url`. Returns: str: The url port (e.g.: 8080, 80, ...) """ return self.parsed_url.port
[docs] def build_absolute_url(self, path_or_url): """Build absolute URL from the provided ``path_or_url``. If the provided ``path_or_url`` is an URL, it is returned unchanged. If the provided ``path_or_url`` is a URL path, it is appended to the base url. Args: path_or_url (str): URL path or an URL. Returns: [type]: [description] """ return urllib.parse.urljoin(self.parsed_url.geturl(), path_or_url)