Source code for ievv_opensource.ievv_i18n_url.i18n_url_settings

from django.conf import settings

[docs]def get_fallback_base_url_setting(): """Get the IEVV_I18N_URL_FALLBACK_BASE_URL. Raises: Exception: With a nice description if the setting is missing. Returns: str: The value of the setting """ fallback_base_url = getattr(settings, 'IEVV_I18N_URL_FALLBACK_BASE_URL', None) if fallback_base_url: return fallback_base_url raise Exception( 'The IEVV_I18N_URL_FALLBACK_BASE_URL setting is required. ' + 'Refer to the docs for ievv_i18n_url (in ievv_opensource) for more info.')